This 20 mins.


Today is the 6th of april 2015. Its been a year and a half of deciding to change myself to be more like the person i envisioned  to be tomorrow! The funny thing is my tomorrow never comes! I am a person who firmly believes that change is truly the only thing constant and yet here i am , my day is drawing to a futile end with all of my  hopes and dreams just as far as they ever seem to have been.Not even a mile closer! I am a dreamer ,always have been so when i fail to attempt to chase my dreams into its destined unmatched reality ,the disappointment weighs down on me! The regrets become almost unbearable .I want to step down from being the reigning queen of procrastination..I want to be everything i have always  been dreaming about.I want to start getting my life back on track. Focus and try directing it to my dream destination. I want to stop being afraid of failure.The fear of failure is so strong within me that i consider failing to try to be better than trying and failing. I want  to be that fearless .This is my time to shine and i shall not give it up without a fight!

My journey to my dreams begings today and my journey begins here ,my journey begings with this very 20 mins .


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