The villa at the corner of my mind !


The walls are made of glass .I look out through them and i see a breathtaking view, crashing waves of the sea open to the impending wrath of the soon turning angry grey  clouds already treating us to a slight drizzle. The drops fall against the glass and slide down creating a trail all too interim. Amidst such bashful  hesitant frore atmosphere i sit sipping hot cocoa along with my 2 friends. I look at the room around me,.The room is at a great height and surprisingly my acrophobia doesn’t seem to have kicked in. The room is capacious and an epitome of my tasteful envisaged perfect hideout. It feels homely .The decor is an impeccable amalgamation of pastel soft and crazy quirky colors . One entire wall acts as a floor to ceiling book shelf,containing all my most favorite books along with ones whose worlds i am yet to delve into ,making it a collection one would envy. I am sprawled on the dark navy blue couch in a grey and red absolutely comfy dress holding my new ipad in hand. Giving it a whirl, just surfing the vast web. I look at my zany friend .Hes cozied up on a recliner with an untouched Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire in his hand  bursting into fits of laughter  at the mention of an insider joke ,a now hackneyed phrase . My other friend is on a descant with a classmate (on the phone) on the working of a concept in mechanics .It sounds arduous to my mind and i tune it out. I feel a calmness wash over me ,an absolute stillness in that very moment. A strength ,a satiated inner peace and joy. I feel so ecstatic, jubilant and lively.I feel as though the world is mine with me as its master.  I look up to see both my friends grinning ear to ear with a comment . I  realize i was so engrossed in my own thoughts and that i missed it. We then decide to play a board game and just as i was searching the web for the Kruskals algorithm my friend pulls me  up and am pushed into squatting position on the floor .The carpeted floor feels warm. We start to play the Game of life and just when its my turn to throw the die,i crack up with an unstoppable laugh at a joke my friend shared. I happen to  hear the pittar patter sound made by the now seemingly fast paced rain droplets.I see out and i see a plethora of possibilities and a battalion of opportunities stretching out in front of me ,all the way up to my horizon .I blink ,and i am woken up by shrill alarm on my mobile. I notice the calendar to register  that it is Monday,a Monday that seems promising .A Monday with none of its dreadful ways.Hope  bursting through my veins I wake up to the realization that my colossal mistakes remain in the past and  my future shall remain unaffected. I beam with a knowing joy of the new found kick ass attitude from the room of irridescence to face every difficult storm life throws at me!


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