The #3 songs of today!

Its hard to decide on just 3 songs that mean a lot to me! I have been a- listening to music person for a long time now! So picking 3 songs is going to be hard!


The first song i shall pick is The Reason by Hoobstank ! I have always loved that song! I  even joke about it ,saying if i ever fall in love, i would make it my ringtone for him on my phone! Its the perfect romantic song! Its a song that talks about change and reformation. Its a song that harbors hope even in the face of adversity! It says its never too late to change .It makes it all the more sweet that the change is brought about by the muse. It also conveys the message that the change is coming from within and “she” has been the catalyst. Its a sad but still a hopeful song!

apologise one republic

The second song that i have absolutely adored  for a long time now is Apologise by One Republic! I love One Republic and i like their version of this song better. I am actually not an in depth listener,i do not hear every word every lyric and the meaning and the feeling behind every word. This song is emotes a serene sadness .It feels like both a happy and a sad song! The music is perfect


The third song…well  I cant just choose one! I think the song all of us feel connected to would be Someones watching over me by Hilary Duff from the movie Raise your voice! Its a beautiful song .It was after watching that movie that i realized that i need to develop my voice and learn to use it. So this movie brought about a change in  me and it was around that time that i took the leap and opened up this blog. My writing isnt up to the mark yet ,this felt like a good way to flex those muscles .Heres hoping to that day ,the day for some dreams to find themselves into my reality!


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