Being #8 years old!

I visited my cousins 8th birthday party! Damn! I don’t remember being 8 but its such a cute phase. Makes me miss the years i was too young to remember being. They emanate such joy !They are ecstatic with just an ice cream cone! They aren’t bogged down by anything. They see the brighter side of everything!They exhilarate in all things new ,they aren’t the least bit afraid. They soak in the learning of all things new and different like a sponge!They persevere,the dont give up! They are at it till the get a hang of it!IT could be just as simple as origami!They are so excited!The giggles,the awe,the cute phrases,the know it all talk,the light in their eyes,the ‘come yaa,go yaa’,the energy is just infectious!Their out of the box thinking(not knowing the boundaries of the box)is just refreshing!Knowing we led such limitless life’s and grew up feeding our own insecurities and adding limits on our abilities makes me feel so sad.What happened to growing up to be a kid at heart?To feel the intense love!The fierce courage!That attitude-impossible is nothing(not just the base line of adidas) and being happy no matter what!
I felt like i had a lot to learn from the 8 year olds!Made me feel like i forgot vital things on my way from 8 to 20!That afternoon was well spent! I was the official photographer for that day,their oblivious smiles ,the laughter truly made a picture worth a 1000 words.
I think i will work on being an 8 year old at heart!


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