My growth spurt!


Hi! This past year has been a concatenation of ups and downs with my struggle to change ,being constant. For the first time in a long time my harboured hope seems to have a new found edge. I want that edge to push my dreams into its outmatched  realm of reality. I see myself working towards the change i want to see in me. So I would like to apply the same principle here.

For as long as i can remember even as a fairly young kid i have wanted  to write and not just write but write damn well! i realise its just not a skill that descends from the uncharted lands of the Gods and into me . It is something that needs to be worked on constantly. its time to flex my muscles to build them into shape.

Its not hard to observe that my blog lacks focus. This  blog is my one steady world to get lost in .All you unknown readers become my know companion to help me on my journey,quest for my dream come to reality.This blog had a very vague beginning but now that i come to think of it, its been a tool to help me get to know myself better about my beliefs,aspirations,yearnings.It is helping me develop a voice to build a perspective ,an attitude and an opinion that is always feared never to be wrong.

I am someone who knows what its like  to have missed a step , a few opportunities that cost. I am someone with a few regrets but still is very hopeful and optimistic about tomorrow. I am someone who knows how hard it is to work on a transformation and persevere. I have a thirst for all things new, an undying curiosity coupled with a dash of reluctance and a love for everything.  So i do not know on what topics i shall write so i have decided to wing it. I hope you shall join me in my growth sprout.


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